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How to FIND YOUR EXACT FACE SHAPE and makeup tips for it. I’ll admit that there is no immediate way to determine a face shape and one face can fall into a combination of shaped categories. Also the loss and gain of weight on our face changes our immediate perception of it making the categorising altogether too confusing.

While it is important to recognise what works for each face shape making it the bane of one’s creative existence. Isn’t going to be much fun at all.

Categorising face shapes under oval, round, square, heart or diamond or any other are just General guidelines to recognise in which parts of our faces are widest, narrowest or longest.

Let’s talk about what happens when each of us looks into the mirror. Almost all of us instantly think “ahh I wish my forehead was just a little narrower or why does my chin have to be so Pointy” or even perhaps “I would look so much softer if my jawline was just a little less angular”.

These are not only the little niggling uncertainties for a makeup artist and any other individual. There are also clear indications that, those particular aspects of the face need to be brought into balance with the rest of the face. Using incredibly effective contouring and highlight methods.


  •  To keep it really simple pull your hair back and away from your forehead and face.
  • Take a mugshot looking straight into your phone camera.
  • Avoid smiling so you don’t distort your cheeks.
  • Take a printout of the picture and draw dots on the center of your hairline. The widest parts of your forehead. That’s temple to Temple, the widest parts of your cheeks at the cheekbones near the ears. And the widest part of the jawline and the tip of the chin.
  • Now join the dots at the felt pen you will have at least an indication of your own face shape.


when you look at others face, first ask yourself…


  • If your answer is forehead, Then the individual is most likely to be an oval or heart shape.
  • If the answers at the cheekbones, chances are that the individual is a round shape or a diamond.
  • If your answer is the jawline then the individual is likely to be a square rectangle or a triangle shape.
  • If it is pointy or tapered it is likely that the individual is a heart shape or an oval shape.
  • Is it a round jaw, then she or he is a round shape.
  • If the answer is square when he or she is a square triangle or a rectangular shape.


  • What does it look like to you if the answer is short. All signs point to a round shape.
  • Round shaped faces are almost equal in length and width. 
  • If the answer is long well, then it’s probably an oval oblong or a rectangular shape.
  • In these shapes, the face is almost always a little or definitely longer than the width of the face.
  • What will immediately jump out at you when you inspect a face? That you’re about to do makeup on is the very obvious length and width. 
  • You will know with practice that these glaring aspects are the ones, that you must tackle to balance a face in makeup.


Oval face shapes are normally longer than their white having rounded edges, But there is a gentle taper towards the chin. Well not too flatter by myself for anything but a face like Beyonce’s is an oval shape. An oblong face like an oval shape the oblong shape also is longer than it is wider, but the forehead, cheekbones and the jawline are about the same width.

The forehead is high and rounded and the length of the face from hairline to chin is longer. The length of the face may be a little longer than the width. This is the one aspect that a makeup artist may have to balance using contouring and highlighting techniques. Even so it is considered an ideal face shape as most makeup looks work really well on the shape.


An oblong face is visibly longer than wider. The distance between the tip of the chin and the mouth is normally greater and the forehead also tends to be really high. Using contouring techniques to cut back the length work wonders for this face shape as you can see in the picture. mainly because you’ll notice curved edges all over and there’s a certain length to her face.

And if you notice the distance between cut the bottom of her lip and chin. It’s a greater distance than there is normally on a face and also there’s a higher rising forehead in all the width of her forehead.

Her cheekbones and her jaw are almost the same but tapering more into a round shape both on top and the bottom and very clearly the length of her face is greater than the width of her face. So, while being quite close to an oval, there’s not that much of a taper here. So in basically if you join the dots as we previously discussed, you’ll notice that hers is in oblong face shape.


A round face shape normally has a cherubic quality, because the face tends to be short and equal in length and width. One must be careful not to create very harsh angles on such a face as it is naturally rounded. Clever contouring may be placed in a manner that flatters this face shape. Also because the face is short, too many sloping contours may disturb it’s balance. Straight contours works so much better as you can see in picture.

The middle of her hairline to the chin and the distance between cheek to cheek are almost similar. Now, that’s typically what a round face looks like the width and the length of the face are almost exactly the same and there are very gentle slopes. So everything’s rounded as you can see the jaw line is pretty round and so is the forehead that is exactly how a round face is described.

You should avoid applying very sharp contours like very sloping contour can divide the face in a manner that’s not very flattering to this face shape ideally contouring place slightly straighter would divide the face into more equal proportions and give it a balanced effect.


In a square shaped face the width of the forehead, cheekbones and the jawline are almost the same. And the jawline angles straight towards the chin. Contouring the angular edges in a rounded manner can bring softness to this face shape. One must be careful not to place very harsh contours on the space shape.

Rectangular face shape is similar only longer. So, one could cut back the length with contouring. In the picture a modeler has a square shaped face. The main thing to look for in a square shaped face is the fact that the temples cheekbone and the jawline the back of the jawline are almost in a straight line the same width throughout and also, the jawline itself is very angular.


A heart-shaped face tends to be wide on the forehead and the cheekbones, but slope quite sharply towards the chin. So heart shaped faces are very predominantly shaped. They are the same width at the temples and the cheekbones.

As you can see in picture. This is a classic and then it tapers down to a point chin in her case also she has a widow’s peak, which is actually one of the clearest signs that one person has the heart-shaped face.

It’s a beautiful face for makeup. One should just be very careful not to apply very sharp contours, because then there’ll be a very sudden taper from the cheekbones downwards and make the face look disproportionate.


So, I hope you like this post ‘ FIND YOUR EXACT FACE SHAPE ‘. And again I’ll say that if the persons weight is gaining or losing, then the face shape can be change like it can be increase double chin or any changes. Now, don’t forget to comment and share. Stay tuned for more.



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