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Hello ladies! So today’s post is ‘KNOW ABOUT HAIR DYE’. We’re gonna talk about some serious topic which is all about HAIR DYE. So, ofcourse everyone is very aware about their Hairs. Nobody wants to lose their Hairs.

Nowadays, everybody pamper their own hair along with that uses different types of products. Like Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair oils, hair colour, hair dyes etc. But, are you using right hair dye?

So let’s start with “KNOW ABOUT HAIR DYE”


A few tips for choosing dye:

  1. When you first decided to stain your hair, it is better to give preference to tint means or semi proof colors. If that fails, you’ll have all the chances to faster return to its original color.
  2. If radical changes in your appearance are not included in your plans, you should pay attention to the color cream-dye. Which are not more than two tones darker or lighter than your natural color.
  3. A dark color has one very dangerous feature — it adds visually years. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer light shades with age. However, the main thing is do not overdo it. With too bright shades the complexion will look unhealthy.
  4. Gray hairs have a rough texture, so dyeing them can be difficult. If they are less than 1/3 of gray hair you can try to do semi-permanent dyes. If more – choose resistant paint. When choosing colors for dyeing gray hair, prefer it on one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color.
  5. When choosing dye, always be guided by the presented palette, rather than the color of the girl’s hair, painted on the package. As a rule, this picture conveys hue very inaccurate.
  6. If the length of your hair is more than 20 cm, you will not be enough of one package of the dye. Better buy two packages immediately.


To understand what hair color is best for you, you must decide with what effect would you want. All funds for chemical hair dyeing can be divided into three types:

  • Tint means
  • semi proof dye
  • resistant dye

  A resist dyeing is also divided into permanent and semi permanent. The difference is that the semi permanent does not contain ammonia.

Let’s talk about each detail. Permanent dye. Their main components – ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.


Peroxide “washes out” the natural hair pigment, and ammonia helps artificial dye to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Precisely because of this permanent dye can radically change the color of hair and perfectly dye the gray hair.


This is definitely a good thing. But there is a huge minus. Permanent dye make the greatest harm to the hair.



Ammonia is very damages the hair cuticle and peroxide desiccate it. Together with the natural pigment washed out and nutrients and fats. But they make the hair soft and silky.


Therefore, using the permanent dyes too often, you can find something resembling a sponge on your head instead of flowing and shiny curls after a short time.



In order to minimize the damage, at composition of such dye typically include special conditioning additives. They smooth the cuticle damaged scales. The professional line is considered as the safest color-cream.

They are less toxic and contains a lower percentage of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, it does not include lead at its composition, which leads to a better result of staining.



Semi-permanent dyeing. This is more gentle option. They include no hydrogen peroxide and ammonium salts are used instead of ammonia. Hair color turns out a bit less stable.

There is one caveat – lighten your hair without peroxide simply will not work. You only get your tone or become darker. Semi-permanent dye is also successfully deals with gray hair, with the proviso that it is not more than 50%.



 Tint means. Usually they are washed away without a trace after three – eight times. Dyes do not penetrate into the hair and it is only stained on it.

It is impossible to lighten your hair using tint means. And it is not assistant in the struggle with gray hair . Giving hair more saturated tone or dark tone – that’s all it can.



Natural dyes. If you want to dye your hair and not to harm them, perhaps it makes sense to pay attention to the natural dyes.

  • Henna is made from plants of the alkane, or rather of its leaves. It gives the hair red and reddish hues.
  • Basma is made from indigo. It paints hair in dark colors. Mixing natural colors in different proportions, you can get a wide range of colors – from light brown to black.

Henna and Basma are hypoallergenic. They envelop the hair from the top, not washing out pigment and as a result, do not hurt him.



Moreover – most experts believe that these dyes are very useful for hair as they contain essential oils and tannins.

However, there are also disadvantages. Where do without them? For example, the hair, dyed with henna, you can not recolour.


Okay, so I hope you guys like this post and find this post ‘KNOW ABOUT HAIR DYE | July 2020’ useful and beneficial. Don’t forget to comment and share.

Thank you!

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