Topmost moisturizers for all skin types (Review)

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Hello everyone. So, today as the title reads ‘Topmost moisturizers for all skin types’ we’re going to be talking all about moisturizers.

So, we will discuss about a moisturizer for each and every skin type.

Whether your skin is combination, oily, dry, acne prone, sensitive,etc. Find your perfect moisturizer in this post.

We’re going to discuss that, which moisturizer is suitable for which skin type.

Topmost moisturizers for all skin types :


1) Pond’s super light gel – 

Topmost moisturizers for all

MRP299/- 147 gms

So, the first Topmost moisturizer, that we’re going to talk about is at the ponds super light gel.

  • This is such a popular drugstore moisturizer and because it’s beautiful it’s light on the skin.
  • And this is so perfect if you have oily or combination skin. I can even recommend this for people with acne prone skin.

(Suitable for oily, combo, acne prone, sensitive) 

  • Moisturizers are supposed to be used on every skin.
  • Don’t think that if you are acne prone, oily or combination and know every skin needs hydration.
  •  This moisturizer gets absorbed in the skin very rapidly. You can try this under makeup, it works beautifully.
  • Also, you can use this at night when you don’t need a lot of hydration. I highly recommend this moisturizer.

2) Plum green tea gel – 

Topmost moisturizers plum

  MRP 575/- 50 ml

The next product is plum green tea gel that, we’re going to talk about is for all you acne prone people.

If you have acne scars, active acne, pigmentation or textured skin please go ahead and try this product.

  • If you have acne prone skin especially, if you have pigmentation or acne scars this is going to take care of that so beautifully.

(Suitable for acne prone, oily & combo)

  •  In fact this entire line of green tea has glycolic acid in it which is very good.
  • If you have any kind of pigmentation, especially acne scars. This is not gonna irritate your skin.
  • Even sensitive skin people are going to love this. But remember this is a night gel you cannot use it in the day.
  • So I would highly recommend that you use it at night.

3) Biotique bio Wheat germ – 

Topmost moisturizers biotique

  MRP 230/- 50 gms

Next moisturizer is the from Biotique this is the Biotique by a wheatgerm. It’s also a night cream.

A proper cream and not a gel. This is so light on skin and such a beautiful mild very soft fragrance.

(Suitable for dry, very dry & combo)

  • This product is a multi-purpose cream. If you have oily skin I don’t think this is going to go on your skin.
  • So, stay away if you have combination skin, dry skin.
  • If you have very dry skin then go ahead with this it’s beautiful.
  • It’s very non oily texture and needless to say that Biotique products are such beautiful products.

4) Neutrogena Hydro boost water gel –

MRP 950/- 50 gms

Next moisturizer also for combination skin this comes in a dry skin variant as well and this one is the Neutrogena hydro boost gel.

This is such a multitasking and this moisturizer is gonna suit so many skin types.

(Suitable for all skin types)

  • This is for normal skin and there is a dry skin variant as well. But I can tell you for sure that even dry skin can use this.
  • Normal, combination version as well because it is  hydrating.
  • For dry skin people, either you go
    for the dry skin a version of Neutrogena hydro boost gel, if you have very dry skin.
  • This has higher Glycolic acid in it. So I highly recommend this product.
5) Clinique moisture surge –

MRP 890/- 15 ml

Next  moisturizer is a high-end brand, but there are only two. That are a little expensive, I am talking about the Clinique Moisture Surge.

(Suitable for all skin types)

  • It hydrates your skin works beautifully under makeup and if you use this at night prior.
  • The next morning when you wake up it gives a beautiful sheen on your face.
  • It’s a clear gel formula and the gel is a little thick but, it gets absorbed in your skin wonderfully.
  • If you are sensitive skin, acne prone, combination, Dry whatever your skin type is you’re going to love this.
  • So, if you have large pores or pigmentation this is a good moisturizer to use. I would recommend for any skin type.

6) NIVEA aloe hydration –


MRP115/- 100 ml

Next one is from Nivea aloe hydration cream this is beautiful  product and this is so moisturizing.

If you have combination skin not oily but combination skin you’re going to like this as well take very little because it’s hydrating.

(Suitable for dry, very dry & combo)

  • This is obviously cream based and not gel paste. And the moment you apply this it gets absorbed in your skin.
  • It’s hydrated and gives skin beautiful Sheen.
  • If you are an oily skin person or combination then in summers you have to be a little careful of using

7) Face shop Chia seed –

MRP 2190/- 50 ml

Next product is a moisturizer for
oily skin combination and dry skin type people.

This is from face shop it’s the Chia seed no shine hydration cream.

(Suitable for dry and combo skin types)

  • A beautiful product has such a beautiful  pleasant fragrance, it comes in a cream form.
  • It’s not a gel form obviously and it quickly  got absorbed in  skin. This cream is good for oily combination skin people as well.

8) LA Organo aloe vera gel –

MRP 299/- 120 ml

And the last product that we’re going to talk about Topmost moisturizers for all skin types is for someone who has rashes, irritation or a lot of active acne on their skin people.

Who cannot use any kind of moisturizer on their face because, it irritates them specially people with active acne.

For those of you I’ll recommend a very good aloe vera gel from La Organo.

(suitable for all skin types)

  • This aloe vera gel does not have any silicones there are no colors, mineral oils, there’s no synthetic and sulfate.
  • This is an absolutely colourless aloe vera gel.
  • It gives you hydration, it takes care of
    your skin. If you are someone who has active acne, acne scars, pigmentation, rashes on your face or sunburns.
  • Just use it at night and apply a lot of aloe vera gel and go off to sleep, in the morning you will see a beautiful sheen on your face.


Ok, so that’s the end for today. I hope this topic “Topmost moisturizers for all skin types”is interested for you. Also I hope you guys like this post & found advantageous. Don’t forget to comment .

Thank you.


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